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The Bird’s of God’s Hill Shiraz 2022 – 6 Bottle Pack


Miranda Lloyd Adelaide Hills Artist is very excited to have teamed up again with Charlie Scalzi from God’s Hill Wines Barossa Valley to release another art wine series. Their last collaboration was 10 years ago (Divine Wine featuring Mirandas Wine and Vine artworks. Winemaker Charlie Scalzi has selected Miranda’s bird artworks for his new wine art series.
“The Birds of God’s Hill”. A selection of birds you will find visiting his winery and the Rondine (swallow) which connects to his childhood memories back in Italy when the Rondine migrated every year back in spring to their nest under his home gutters of Zolli.
The series includes the artist’s original artworks such as the Magpie, Galahs, Kookaburra, Rainbow Lorikeets, Sulphur Crested Cockatoo and the Rondine (Swallow) commissioned by Charlie which now hangs at his cellar door.
All orders will receive a Certificate of Authenticity, which assures that the artwork on the wine labels is original artwork by Artist Miranda Lloyd.
The Birds of God’s Hill – 2022 Single Vineyard Shiraz
We chose 2022 Vintage because it was a cooler vintage that allowed steady ripening of the fruit, which ultimately brought these rich fruits of the forest with elegance that will prove once again the difference between Gods Hill terroir and others.


  • Fruit

    Fruit is sourced from our own vineyard in Lyndoch, Barossa Valley.

  • Colour

    Deep crimson fresh youthful blackberry and red fruit of the forest.

  • Nose

    Elegant bouquet of wild berries with a hint of spice.

  • Palate

    The rich mix of fruit is evident at your first mouthful with concentration on the palate, with loads of fresh berry fruit and well-balanced natural tannins.  A beautiful rich and elegant wine which will continue to grow. To be enjoyed with meat, pasta, gamy, warm lamb salads, oysters Kilpatrick and as always your favourite food.

  • Size

    750 ml

  • Produced and Packed by

    Scalzi Family