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Poggio D’Oro 2022


We are thrilled to present the exquisite Poggio D’Oro White Wine, a true masterpiece from Gods Hill Winery that promises to enchant your senses. This exceptional bottle of white wine embodies the perfect marriage of craftsmanship and nature, resulting in a truly remarkable drinking experience.

Whether you’re planning an intimate gathering, a celebratory occasion, or simply seeking a moment of indulgence, Poggio D’Oro White Wine is the perfect companion. Its elegance and versatility make it an excellent choice for pairing with a wide range of dishes, from light salads and seafood to creamy pasta and poultry.

Poggio D’Oro is produced from white grapes, with special attention to flavour from our winemaker.

Cheers to moments of pure elegance and the joy of savoring Poggio D’Oro White Wine!

Available only online and at our cellar door.


  • Fruit

    Sourced from best 6 rows of our single vineyard at Lyndoch Barossa Valley

  • Colour

    Subtle straw yellow with a green hue.

  • Nose

    Melon with citrus dominating.

  • Palate

    Citrus flavours with touches of melon and a slight stone fruit finish.

  • Comments

    A well-rounded white wine with dominant citrus characters on both the nose and palate. No oak treatment was given to this wine, allowing the dominant fruit flavours of the variety to shine through. A very full-bodied white wine with a lingering finish. Classic varietal wine!   Charlie Scalzi Winemaker

  • Size

    750mL 12.5% alc/vol

  • Produced and Packed by

    Scalzi Family